"Kent offers no escape: no solid footing, no brighter character to choose, no space outside the grid. Rather, the paintings give us a chance to feel the awesome weight of the systems, often invisible, that implicate and imprison us, intricate structures built with our sliced and severed parts." -VIRGINIA WAGNER Artcritical

"The most successful works take their cues from late Turner, depicting shimmering, though sometimes decrepit architectural oases of visual relief from the frenetic onslaught of nature's retaliatory spurts of agony."-WILLIAM CORWIN Delicious Line

"Kent's compositions point back and forth to one another via schematized precisions suspended in voids, or via chimeric presences softly defying their matrices, such that transfixed onlookers might well wonder forever what might be appearing, or disappearing, in those chambers." - PAUL D'AGOSTINO

Tim Kent received an MA from the University of Sussex at West Dean College, UK and a BFA from Hunter College CUNY, NY.