Tim Kent :: Artist
Bound together in a visually spectral narrative merging cross-referential complexities à la Borges with metaphorical vividness and chess references à la Nabokov, Tim Kent's new body of oil paintings tell an enigmatic tale of objects and interiors that subtly shimmer with time-tarnished illustriousness; of an heir who is at best indirectly apparent; of a steed that has long since shed its bridling; of a MacGuffin-like heirloom that sparkles and looms; of an anonymous knight whose portrait, pendent in the backdropped midst of the series' keystone work, is the lone human visage throughout so many rooms. Distributed over large chapter-scale horizontals and smaller, paragraphic square canvases, Kent's compositions point back and forth to one another via schematized precisions suspended in voids, or via chimeric presences softly defying their matrices, such that transfixed onlookers might well wonder forever what might be appearing, or disappearing, in those chambers. The Gambit is a lush pictorial legend in which viewers themselves become now protagonists, now pawns, now sleuths, now voyeurs.
 — Paul D'Agostino

SLAG Gallery will present Tim Kent next solo show The Function of Form, February 13th, 2015.